Dods Training

Elevate your potential

Award-winning policy, communication and leadership training for people who work in or around government, parliament and the public sector. Achieve better outcomes with learning and development skills from exceptional trainers and specialist content.

Adapt and prepare for challenge and change

Promote personal and organisational growth

Save time and resources with improved efficiency and productivity

Boost morale, reduce churn and absenteeism

The skills you need to stay ahead

With more than 25 years experience in skills-based training in over 40 countries, we design, develop and deliver the finest in-person, hybrid and online training in:

  • policy making & governance
  • leadership & management
  • communication skills & media handling

We’re the leading provider of policy training for the UK Government

Clients from the UK and around the world partner with us to improve their people, organisational, and systems performance across sectors including:

  • Business
  • Central and Development banks
  • Academic institutions
  • Governments
  • UN agencies


national governments we've worked with


delegates trained each year


online courses delivered during 2021

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