James Frayne: There's a gap in the market for a new party - on the right

9 August 2018

Outside of SW1, there is little public appetite for a liberal, pro-EU party led by someone like Chuka Umuuna.

Raphael Malek: Beware the idea that immigration is no longer an issue

7 August 2018

Immigration reform is likely to be a key lens through which voters assess any Brexit deal secured by Theresa May.

Kemi Badenoch interview: 'Lots of people felt bruised after the election.'

20 January 2018

Just seven months after entering parliament, Kemi Badenoch has been handed a key role inside CCHQ overseeing her party’s candidate selection process.

Tory ideas factory: who will lead the intellectual fightback?

17 November 2017

A handful of Conservative MP, mainly from the 2015 intake, could provide the intellectual fuel for the party’s future.

How do you bring down a prime minister like Theresa?

2 November 2017

The recent ‘coup’ against Theresa May was doomed from the start. But could the plotters have learnt from history?

Book review: Winning Here

14 August 2018

Chris Rennard’s first volume of memoirs recall a life spent campaigning, winning elections and rising up the ranks of the Lib Dems.

Rubbish President's rubbish sidekick writes rubbish book

25 July 2018

Former White House communications chief Sean Spicer's tome has been universally panned

Politics on the small screen: Poldark does parliament

2 July 2018

 As Ross Poldark becomes a politician, BBC producer Karen Thrussell explains all and real-life peers have their say.