Boris Johnson takes flight with donor who branded Theresa May a 'mad cow'

26 April 2019

Boris Johnson accepted a helicopter ride from a Tory donor who described Theresa May as a "mad cow".

Boost for Brexiteers as Lord Adonis performs volte-face on EU exit

25 April 2019

Arch-Remainer and prominent People's Vote advocate Lord Adonis has praised Labour's "sensible" Brexit plan

Government cock-up as porn pass presser discloses hundreds of email addresses

17 April 2019

The department responsible for protecting private information have leaked private information in an email about protecting private information.

Official: Don’t take anything Boris Johnson says seriously

12 April 2019

It’s not every day your editor leaps to your defence by saying your pieces should not be read “as a serious, in-depth analysis” - but Boris Johnson is not your average hack.

Public hooked on MPs' Brexit antics as Parliament TV viewing figures soar

11 April 2019

The nation may not want to admit it’s obsessed with Brexit - but viewing of Parliament TV has sky-rocketed to levels never seen before.

Labour MP backs a winner with Grand National tip-off from Nicholas Soames

10 April 2019

Mystic Soames' big prediction helped a hospice net a windfall after a Labour MP backed the winner.

Nick Downes: Will it be housing that unites Britain after Brexit?

22 February 2019

People are getting increasingly frustrated that Brexit is distracting politicians from the issues that really matter - such as housing.

Sixty years of life peers: how the Upper Chamber was transformed

1 May 2018

The first 14 life peers were introduced in two special sessions ahead of the 1958 state opening of parliament

Kemi Badenoch interview: 'Lots of people felt bruised after the election.'

20 January 2018

Just seven months after entering parliament, Kemi Badenoch has been handed a key role inside CCHQ overseeing her party’s candidate selection process.