Chris Grayling

Chris Grayling says Labour has ‘army of supporters’ and a path to No 10

18 January 2017

‘If we assume that Jeremy Corbyn has no route to power we would be making a big mistake.’

Theresa May

Theresa May's keynote Brexit speech in full

17 January 2017

The PM outlined her priorities for the upcoming negotiations to leave the European Union in a major speech delivered at Lancaster House.

Tony Blair

James Frayne: Populism is yet to sweep through Britain - despite what Tony Blair says

16 January 2017

Britain is not in the midst of a massive populist surge in the way that centrists politicians and commentators seem to think.

Jeremy Corbyn

Ayesha Hazarika: Corbyn's car crash relaunch is becoming a pile up

13 January 2017

It will come as no real loss to Team Corbyn that Tristram Hunt is leaving, but it is yet another sign of how hopeless things are.

Nicola Sturgeon

Euan McColm: Nicola Sturgeon is wise to bide her time on independence issue

11 January 2017

Ruling out a referendum this year showed Scottish First Minister content to let Westminster make her arguments for her 

Leaders clash at PMQs

David Singleton: Finally Labour has an attack line that could damage Theresa May

5 January 2017

The Economist has branded the PM ‘Theresa Maybe’. Now Labour must capitalise on the attack.

Keir Starmer

James Millar: The progressive alliance is already taking shape

4 January 2017

Keir Starmer has accepted that he needs to work with the SNP. He is not the only Labour MP set to reach that conclusion.

Jamie Reed

David Herdson: Tories should not try to be too canny with Copeland

3 January 2017

Politics is not like a game of chess - and Conservative strategists would be wrong to treat the contest for Jamie Reed's seat as such.

Yvette Cooper

Yvette Cooper interview: Labour can make a progressive argument for ending free movement

16 December 2016

Her husband may have sparkled on the dance floor, but now Yvette Cooper is waltzing into the political spotlight as the new chair of the Home Affairs Committee.

John Major

John Major interview: I didn’t anticipate Maastricht was going to be controversial

24 November 2016

After a bruising EU referendum campaign, and a summer out of the spotlight, former prime minister Sir John Major reflects on his long political career – and insists he has no appetite for making a comeback

Alex Salmond

Alex Salmond interview: I hit the referendum button. Why would Nicola Sturgeon be reluctant?

13 October 2016

The SNP’s elder statesman talks to Mark Leftly about Brexit, boundary changes and why he believes there will be a second independence referendum before 2020.

Mary Stuart

Theatre review: Mary Stuart

20 December 2016

Robert Icke’s three-hour production highlights how something as ostensibly benign as the toss of a coin can have far reaching consequences.

Matt Forde, Ed Balls and Alastair Campbell

Comedy review: Matt Forde’s Christmas political party

16 December 2016

Forde presses all of the right buttons to get laughs from two rival New Labour heavyweights.