Harold Wilson in 1974

James Millar: Today's politics needs more Clangers from the 1970s

23 February 2017

When Harold Wilson was facing the electorate in 1974 we rated politics important enough to teach young kids about it.

Taylor Swift

James Frayne: Interrupting Taylor Swift is the future of political communications

17 February 2017

A new breed of political consultant is poised to interrupt people as they head to YouTube to watch music videos.

Donald Trump

Ioan Marc Jones: Activists should be pleased the government rejected the Trump petition

16 February 2017

Preventing Trump from meeting the Queen would have undermined our ability to exert pressure on the US.

Ken Clarke

Jon Craig: Brexit's winners and losers in Westminster

10 February 2017

Ken Clarke provided proof that Commons veterans can teach certain newcomers a thing or two.

John Bercow 450x800

Josh May: The case for Bercow speaking his mind on Trump

7 February 2017

Many Tories are livid, but the Speaker’s job is to defend the interests of the House of Commons.

Theresa May and Jean Claude Juncker in Malta

Abi Wilkinson: Where exactly does Theresa May think she is leading us to?

3 February 2017

The PM knows that winning support is often less about what she says and more about how she says it - and too many lobby journalists are guilty of playing along.

Jeremy Corbyn

How the Hampstead Socialist lost out to the Islington Socialist

13 February 2017

Hampstead used to be home of the Labour intelligentsia, but Islington appears to have wrested the title from its north London neighbour.

Dan Jarvis

Dan Jarvis interview: There’s nothing progressive about ignoring the concerns of voters

22 January 2017

After the intense media storm over his leadership challenge that never was, Dan Jarvis has kept a low profile in Westminster. But the former paratrooper is returning to the frontline of politics as he takes on the government over child poverty targets

Yvette Cooper

Yvette Cooper interview: Labour can make a progressive argument for ending free movement

16 December 2016

Her husband may have sparkled on the dance floor, but now Yvette Cooper is waltzing into the political spotlight as the new chair of the Home Affairs Committee.

Jess Phillips

Jess Phillips book inspires donations to Women's Aid refuges

15 February 2017

The Labour MP's account of 'what it means to be a woman today' is out next week.

Margaret Thatcher

Book review: Margaret Thatcher, A Life and Legacy

8 February 2017

David Cannadine has produced an excellent, concise and incisive biography.

Anthony Seldon: The Cabinet Office 1916-2016

Book review: The Cabinet Office, 1916–2016

25 January 2017

Anotny Seldon argues that prime ministers have been most effective when they have worked with the Cabinet Office.