Lewis Goodall: Labour is waking up to where the next election will be fought

27 September 2018

The basic framework of British politics has changed – and Jeremy Corbyn appeared to acknowledge it this week.

Deborah Mattinson: How we uncovered Labour's quinoa quandry

14 September 2018

Labour has evolved from being the party of casseroles and bingo to the party of quinoa and student protests, according to recent research by Britain Thinks.

George Pascoe-Watson: Theresa May will have her work cut out at Tory conference

13 September 2018

As commentators watch for signs of leadership plotting in Birmingham, the PM needs to turn Tory fire on to Labour.

Young people and politics, according to Westminster's youngest MPs

31 August 2018

The youngest MPs in each major party talk about whether UK politics is working for young people.

Sixty years of life peers: how the Upper Chamber was transformed

1 May 2018

The first 14 life peers were introduced in two special sessions ahead of the 1958 state opening of parliament

Kemi Badenoch interview: 'Lots of people felt bruised after the election.'

20 January 2018

Just seven months after entering parliament, Kemi Badenoch has been handed a key role inside CCHQ overseeing her party’s candidate selection process.

Tory ideas factory: who will lead the intellectual fightback?

17 November 2017

A handful of Conservative MP, mainly from the 2015 intake, could provide the intellectual fuel for the party’s future.

Book review: Ruth Davidson and the Resurgence of the Scottish Tories / Yes She Can

10 October 2018

Andrew Liddle has written the first biography of Davidson, while the Scottish Conservaitve leader's own book could almost be seen as a personal manifesto.

Politics on the small screen: SW1 meets Fleet Street in Press

7 September 2018

Writer Mike Bartlett gives the inside track on his new BBC drama, which is based in two newspaper offices.