Peter Mandelson advises Jeremy Corbyn but stresses he is 'not a Corbynista'

20 October 2017

The New Labour architect explained how Corbyn could get a 'substantial working majority' in the next election.

Damian Green aims jibes at fellow Tories during press gallery lunch

19 October 2017

The first secretary of state had Heidi Allen, Jacob Rees Mogg, Lynton Crosby and George Osborne in his sights.

Scottish secretary David Mundell spends £150 on a bottle of vodka

19 October 2017

The cabinet minister took part in a charitable auction hosted by Ed Miliband at the Pink News awards.

Colin Talbot: The failing Bonapartism of Theresa May

17 October 2017

Napoleon Bonaparte might be a useful lens through which to understand the PM's strange balancing acts.

George Pascoe Watson: The PM has been unlucky - but she will soldier on

11 October 2017

Theresa May is keen to press ahead with initiatives such as the Race Disparity Audit, which was published this week and discussed in Number 10.

Book review: Coalition Diaries 2012-2015

19 October 2017

David Laws had a rare vantage point on the Coalition government and provides a warts and all account.

Book review: Entitled

11 October 2017

Labour MP Chris Bryant hammers away at the ruthlessness and greed of the aristocracy in this no-holds barred critique.