Oliver Letwin wins over Richard Madeley - by talking about Brexit in ‘plain English’

Written by Dods staff on 12 December 2017 in Diary

The Brexit debate is being ‘strangled by semantics’, according to Madeley.

Appearing on the Daily Politics today, TV presenter Richard Madeley let rip at various politicians for failing to communicate effectively around Brexit.

Theresa May’s speech yesterday about the deal she has struck with the European Union was “a bit over the top,” said Madeley. “It’s pretty much overblown as is all the language around this debate.”

John McDonnell’s most recent attempt to set out where Labour is on Brexit also left Madeley scratching his head. “I had to make a note of it, it was so ridiculous,” he complained.

And moving onto David Davis’ interview with Andrew Marr at the weekend, the TV presenter blasted: “I’ve never heard such jargon and it seems to me that the whole debate... is now absolutely being strangled by semantics.”

But as Brexit leaves most politicians blindsided and incapable of speaking sense, one MP has emerged unscathed. Or so Madeley indicted after Tory grandee Oilver Letwin had tried to explain what on Earth was happening with Brexit.

“Oliver, thank you for talking in plain English today,” gushed Madeley, who also rather prides himself on his own communication skills.







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