Taking the Pidcock: Leading leftwingers weaponise the c word

Written by David Singleton on 25 August 2017 in Diary

There’s nothing ‘cosy’ about politics, according to Richard Burgon and Owen Jones

Conservative MPs were left reeling earlier this week when Labour’s Laura Pidcock said she didn’t want to be friends with them.

The North West Durham MP called Tories "the enemy" and declared: "I have absolutely no intention of being friends with any of them."

She added: "I feel disgusted at the way they’re running this country, it’s visceral – I’m not interested in being cosy."

Among those taken aback by Pidcock's posturing were Tory MPs Conor Burns, Will Quince and Nadine Dorries.

Burns huffed: "I feel genuinely sorry for someone so narrow minded they can't have friends with different opinions. Some of my good mates are Labour MPs.”

Quince lamented: "This is such a disappointing attitude, Labour MPs are the opposition not the enemy and I count several as friends.”

And Dorries tweeted sarcastically: "She will make a great MP. How can she fail with her politics of hate and such a hands over the ears juvenile attitude."

Most Labour MPs initially stayed silent while privately distancing themselves from their newly-elected colleague, but after a few hours Corbyn ally Richard Burgon broke ranks to support his embattled comrade.





Echoing Pidcock's use of the c word, the shadow justice secretary declared that "politics shouldn't be a parlour game or cosy club".

Alas Burgon’s plea fell on deaf ears with Labour's leading lights. Or so it seemed until Guardian columnist Owen Jones finally weighed in.

"The outrage against the inspiring Laura Pidcock for not treating politics as a game, like some cosy, boozy cartel, is something else," he tweeted.

Having also made use of the c word, he added: "I can see why an MP who sees suffering in her surgeries isn't that well-disposed to becoming best buddies with those responsible for it.

"She's not said she won't be civil to Tory MPs, or not work with them on an issue by issue basis. She's just not becoming their best buddies."



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