Theresa May talks education, enjoying the job… and not finishing box sets

19 February 2018

Watch: The PM told  Phillip Schofield  and Holly Willoughby that she can't get to the end of a box set.

Arch-remainer Andrew Adonis says no to being the British Macron

16 February 2018

The New Labour politician has been described as the 'centrist’s centrist' - and the ideal person to lead a Macron-style movement in the UK.

Jeremy Corbyn does straight talking, honest football chat

15 February 2018

The Labour leader didn’t even bother to pretend that England could win the World Cup.

Labour adviser counsels Jeremy Corbyn over commie spy 'smear'

15 February 2018

The Sun's splash about Corbyn's activities in 1986 reads a bit like a John Le Carré novel.

Boris Johnson's Brexit 'vaudeville routine' fails to fire up the crowd

14 February 2018

The foreign secretary's big speech was light on detail - but it did have jokes about dogging and sex tourism.

Ben Geiger: Improving welfare tests should not be beyond the wit of ministers

20 February 2018

The Work Capability Assessment is broken – here's how work and pensions secretary Esther McVey could fix it.

Lucy Morrell: What’s behind the pessimism over our political leaders?

14 February 2018

Theresa May is seen as a ‘Thatcher wannabe’ while voters question Jeremy Corbyn's ability to deliver.

George Pascoe-Watson: Theresa May is about to embrace her inner robot

25 January 2018

The PM has told her team that she wants Britain to be the world capital of Artificial Intelligence.

James Frayne: Esther McVey is the Tory minister to keep tabs on

22 January 2018

The new work and pensions secretary is hated by the left but has the potential to be extremely popular amongst certain voters.

Politics on the small screen: the verdict on the BBC's Collateral

19 February 2018

John Simm plays a Labour MP in David Hare’s drama. But is his character just 'a sexed-up Corbyn'?

Book review: Fighters and Quitters

9 February 2018

For aficionados of political theatre, Theo Barclay’s run-through of great resignations is a surefire box office smash.

Book review: Behind Diplomatic Lines

6 February 2018

Patrick R H Wright documents the obsessions of Margaret Thatcher and has some wonderful observations about her ministers.