Tory chairman gets angry over election expenses questions

Written by David Singleton on 16 March 2017 in Diary

Watch: Patrick McLoughlin failed to keep his cool when approached by a reporter.

Conservative chairman Patrick McLoughlin appears to be feeling the pressure as his party has been fined a record £70,000 for breaking election expenses rules.

The party broke spending rules by moving campaigners and staff from its national headquarters to boost local party efforts and not properly declaring hotel bills and expenses.

But McLoughlin clearly doesn’t want to talk about it.

Approached by Sky News political correspondent Darren McCaffrey outside Parliament, McLoughlin first tried to grab the reporter’s phone out of his hand.

“Luckily I managed to rescue before it hit the ground,” said McCaffrey.

The Tory chairman then grumpily refused to answer questions on the issue as he walked back to the Palace of Westminster.





Thankfully for the Tories, Theresa May did not have the same reaction when ITV political editor Robert Peston asked about the scandal.

The prime minister said: "First of all on the Electoral Commission report, we have complied fully with the Electoral Commission throughout their investigations. They have imposed a fine on the Conservative Party and the Conservative Party will be meeting that fine, will be paying that fine.

"In fact there were some issues that the party itself raised with the Electoral Commission through their investigations."



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