Theresa May gives ousted Tory MPs another reason to dislike her

Written by Dods staff on 28 September 2017 in Diary

The prime minister spoke candidly in an interview for The House magazine.

Theresa May is already in the dog house with the dozens of Tory MPs who lost their seats in the summer and have struggled to find a job since.

"There is a huge amount of dissatisfaction," one former Conservative MP recently said. "The prime minister could have done so much more to show interest in sorting out the disastrous mess she created for many of her colleagues who lost their seats.

"Many feel very let down by her and the party."

Now those former Tory MPs might well feel even more let down after May admitted that the party was not ready to fight the snap election that she called.

The prime minister told The House magazine: "There weren’t the links with the centre that there should have been. That’s one of the issues we need to look at.

"With a snap election, of course you have to do a little more from the centre, in relation to the selection of candidates. But I think it’s in relation to ensuring that the campaign at the centre is reflecting what’s happening at the grassroots."



May was being quizzed by former Tory leader Michael Howard for parliament’s official magazine, which is a sister title of Total Politics.

She also reminisced about the days when there was "much more of an emphasis on people coming together for debates during election campaigns" – but did not acknowledge that she had repeatedly refused to take part in a head-to-head TV debate with Jeremy Corbyn during the last election campaign.

Discussing why the Tories are struggling to attract voters under 40, she suggested that the party should try to re-educate young people about "free markets" and "sound management of the economy".

And the prime minister offered a not-so-hot take on social media, saying: "What’s interesting about it is the way that social media interaction gives you much faster and much more comprehensive interaction with people.

"There is an immediacy about social media that I think is appealing to a lot of people."




Picture by: John Stillwell/PA Wire/PA Images.


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