Ten beastly commentators

Written by White Bunny Wabbit on 28 February 2011 in Diary
We’ve all heard of Larry, the proficient new Downing Street rat-catcher. But what about other political furry friends whose skills lie in the field of rhetoric?

 delivers political musings from the unusual perspective of “the IT guy”. Lord of the Rings references abound.

Anna Racoon writes thoughtfully about some of the shortcomings of the mainstream media.

Caedmon’s Cat requires serious concentration to understand the historical allusions in every post, but the effort is intermittently worth it.

The upward-biting Underdog describes himself as “one of those intellectuals so despised by the totalitarian regimes, but without the money”.

The Ranting Penguin is expert in all matters of hypocrisy, but his fruity squawks may put some readers off.

One hircine commentator claims it is Not a Sheep, preferring to explain its horned stance on issues of diversity and multiculturalism as the work of a goat.

Ambush Predator is a little more circumspect about its taxonomy, but appears to be a big cat. Expect displeasure at British justice.

The Salted Slug offers a libertarian perspective on politics, science and the predictive power of opossums.

The famed polemicist Tory Bear is no more, but you never know with stuffed – or potentially stuffed – animals, as Fox in Parliament’s latest post suggests.

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