Taking Tiger Blood to the census

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The state has no right to maintain a register of our religious faith. Our executive editor takes inspiration from Charlie Sheen for his answer to the census

I already knew what questions were contained in the census when I received it last night. And to be honest, despite my classically liberal inclination I wasn't bothered by most of what was asked. But there was one glaring exception: a request for me to state my religious faith.

By what right does the State claim entitlement to maintain a register of my faith (or in my case, lack of it)? And even if such a right were identified, in what way does knowing my faith help the State make a determination about service provision? It doesn't.

Leave religious service provision to the various religious organisations. Let market forces tell them how many churches or mosques they need to build (or close down). The willingness of people to sit on wooden pews is a far better indicator of service requirements than any data sets collected in the census.

The State should have only that information which is necessary to ensure the effective planning of necessary services. And in that regard, faith is no more relevant than knowledge of sexual orientation or a person's preference for Cornflakes or Rice Crispies in the morning.

So, what answer will I be providing to this invasive question? I haven't decided yet, but "Tiger Blood" and "bi-winning" are strong contenders.

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