Sadiq Khan on huge power trip as he addresses Labour conference

Written by David Singleton on 27 September 2016 in Diary

Watch: The London mayor mentioned ‘power’ 38 times in his 11 minute speech.

Sadiq Khan used his keynote speech to the Labour conference to repeatedly hammer home the message that the party can only achieve things if it is "in power".

Khan did not criticise Corbyn directly, but the London mayor’s relentless focus on the need to win elections could be seen as a thinly-veiled call for the Labour leader to up his game.

Labour’s most senior elected official began with some scene-setting:

“Labour in power. Not just talking the talk, but walking the walk too. Never sacrificing or selling out on our ideals, but putting them in action every single day.”

He said it was “time for us all to work together towards the greatest prize: getting Labour back into power”.

He told delegates that “with Labour in power your home and your commute get more affordable, the air you breathe gets less polluted, you get better pay and conditions at work, our businesses are supported to grow, and new jobs are created”.

He also argued that: “With Labour in power, Britain is a fairer country - a more equal country and a more just country.”

And he declared that: “With Labour out of power, the number of affordable new homes built falls, the cost of rent rockets, and the number of homeless people sleeping on our streets rises.”

The London mayor used the word another 32 times in his 11 minute speech, before concluding: “Conference, it's time we put Labour back in power.”

For some Labour insiders, Khan appeared to be not just piling the pressure on Corbyn – but also positioning himself as the election winner who could save the party in the future.

Speaking to ITV News afterwards, Khan did not quite deny that he was Labour’s saviour waiting in the wings.

Asked if he saw himself as a future Labour leader, the London Mayor replied: “I've got the best job in the world, why would I want to leave it?”





Picture by: Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire/Press Association Images


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