Revealed: how David Cameron likes to relax under nude paintings

Written by Dods staff on 3 August 2017 in Diary

Samantha Cameron has opened the doors to the 'family nest'.

Three months ago, David Cameron showed off a designer shed in the garden of his family home in the Cotswolds.

Now the former prime minister’s wife has invited Harper’s Bazaar to see the inside of the house.

"To be honest the house is slightly falling down," she told the glossy magazine. "The windows are rotting, the roof needs replacing, but it's lovely and it's where we brought each of our children home from the hospital. It's our family nest.'"

We also learn that:

- In the front room are two sofas from OKA, said to have cost around £1,800 each. Apparently, these are exactly where David Cameron loves “to stretch out to unwind”.

- On the wall behind the sofas are “nudes and winter scenes snapped up at Costswolds antique shops by Mrs Cameron”.

- There is also a portrait “believed to be by 18th century French master Jean-Baptiste Greuze", whose work is displayed in the National Gallery.

- The Cameron have big pile of magazines in the front room. Including – amazingly! - Harper’s Bazaar.

- And someone in the Cameron household appears to be reading the spoof Enid Blyton novel Five on Brexit Island.

- In the corner of the front room is the former prime minister’s desk, “alongside his portrait by Jonathan Yeo and an Alison Jackson print showing a lookalike 'Tony Blair' placing a bet on the election”.

- In their kitchen, the super-wealthy Cameron’s have a placard leaning up against the window behind the sink which reads: 'Calm down dear it's only a recession'.

For the glamorous 'at home' shoot, Mrs Cameron opted to pose for portraits wearing clothes from her own fashion label, Cerfinn....






Picture credit: NEIL HALL/WPA Rota/Press Association Images

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