Our personal liberties are up in smoke

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Non-smoker Francesca Preece rails against plans to ban smoking in cars

Yesterday the British Medical Association instilled fear in the hearts of stressed motorists – a planned ban on smoking in cars.

The BMA is putting pressure on the government to impose a nationwide ban to stop drivers lighting up on the road.

Their report insists that there is a serious danger to car passengers travelling in a car with a smoking driver.

Of course, smoking near a child is never right but banning smoking in a car even when the driver is alone is absurd.

What next? A ban on smoking outside like our American cousins in New York?

It is yet another attempt to molly-coddle adults in this country. It isn’t difficult to know the risks when having a sneaky cigarette – most packets have gruesome pictures of tar-filled lungs! It is not something you would miss in a hurry.

We may agree or disagree with free-thinking adults choosing to put their life at risk just for a quick puff, but it isn’t our right nor the BMA or government’s to tell them how to live their lives. Guidance and advice is fine but lecturing or enforcing isn’t.

It beggars belief that some loving couples are turned away from adoption agencies for confessing to an occasional cigarette in their lifetime.

If smoking is so abhorrent, why isn’t it also banned outside on the street and in homes?

There’s no smoke without fire – so if the BMA and the government are really concerned about our health, why don’t they ban smoking for good?

Could it be that the benefit it brings to the Treasury coffers far outweigh the benefit of the nation’s health? Surely not.

I am no smoker but I will fight for their right to a cigarette. The nation is growing tired of health officials, however well intentioned they are, telling us what we should eat, drink and do with our years on this earth. As a free country, we are entitled to do as we please. So yes, I will have another slice of rich chocolate cake, and enjoy one or two rum and cokes. I will never be dictated to about my lifestyle – we are adults not children.

If we want to risk our health, then so be it.  Advise, make us aware but don’t you ever preach. Smokers, stick two butts up at them! Don’t let them have a victory over our freedom.

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