Only one cabinet minister is less popular than Theresa May with Tories

Written by David Singleton on 4 July 2017 in Diary

Step forward Patrick McLoughlin.

A few weeks ago, Theresa May was regarded by Tory grassroots members as their star player in Westminster.

Back in early May, the prime minister was top of the ConservativeHome 'cabinet league table', with a healthy +89% rating.

Now June’s list of net satisfaction ratings for the cabinet have come out and the prime minister has fallen into negative territory, with Tory members giving her a woeful -26% rating.

And Conservative MPs are on the same page as the rank and file.

"She’s thoroughly weakened and absolutely knackered, there’s no doubt about that," says one MP. "And I suspect in the last three or four weeks she has become profoundly depressed."

But Tory MPs are also clear that they don’t want to get rid of May just yet – because they have no idea who should replace her.



The latest ConservativeHome figures also show that May is not the only politician to see their stock fall in the Tory party.

Foreign secretary and leadership hopeful Boris Johnson has slipped from +48% to +39%.

Chancellor Philip Hammond has dropped from +32% to -12%.

And following the dreadful Tory election campaign, party chairman Patrick McLoughlin has plummeted from +47% to -29%.

But perhaps McLoughlin should be grateful that he is in the list of cabinet members at all.

"He is in theory responsible for the campaign, so I am surprised he has hung in there," admits one ally.



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