Muslim veil ban mooted by Ukip 'common sense' leadership hopeful

Written by David Singleton on 8 August 2016 in Diary

Lisa Duffy thinks that everyone should have to 'show their face' in shopping centres and on public transport.

Ukip leadership hopeful Lisa Duffy was supposed to be the person to free the party from its hard right "Tea Party tendency".

Former Ukip deputy chair Suzanne Evans – known as one of the more sensible Kippers – has also said that Duffy also stands for good old common sense.

“In this leadership contest, Ukip’s Tea Party tendency – people obsessed with US Republican conventions – are well represented on the ballot paper,” declared Evans last month,

“I’m determined that Ukip members must also have the opportunity to vote for a common sense future for our party and that is what Lisa represents.”

But has Duffy now taken a stand that could have Evans eating her words?

The Huntingdonshire district councillor Duffy is second favourite to replace Nigel Farage, after MEP and deputy chairman Diane James.

In a speech in London, Duffy was set to state:

“On our public transport networks, in public buildings, banks, stores and shopping precincts – all those places where teenagers are told to take their hoodies down and where motorcyclists are expected to remove their helmets – it is only reasonable to expect everyone to show their faces.

“Again, it is about making sure there is one law for all, rather than making an exception for a community because we are frightened of causing offence. There is no offence to be taken if all are treated equally.”

Duffy insists that she is not taking any kind of hardline anti-Muslim stance; rather that she wants to create a “path of opportunity” for young Muslim women and that the veil is often “forced on women by men who view them as their property”.

Evans had not immediately commented on the new plans from the candidate that she recently painted as the moderate option in the Ukip leadership contest.

But launching his own leadership campaign in Manchester, Ukip MEP Bill Etheridge appeared keen to strike a rather different tone to Duffy.

“I am proposing that as a party we focus on our policies, cementing libertarianism into our DNA. That means not focusing on small issues like Islam which makes us look small-minded.

"I’m not chasing the bigot vote.”



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