MP turns waiter to make the case for a second EU referendum

Written by James Millar on 11 January 2017 in Diary

Welsh MP Geraint Davies put on a skit in a restaurant to drum up support for his campaign for a second vote on EU membership

In the odd, and poorly lit, video meant to be a metaphor for Britain's exit from the EU Geraint Davies asks a restaurant customer what she'd like to eat. When she replies that she knows she doesn't want chicken he returns with a plate of tripe.



But when she complains that she didn't order offal Davies' waiter explains that it fulfils her requirement that it's not chicken. The sketch then veers well away from restaurant protocol when the customer suggests that she should get to decide from the options that aren't chicken and Davies says she can't because she's signed Article 50. And when they disagree on what she should be allowed to eat he says that means she has to leave the restaurant, leave her friends and eat tripe outside.

The implication of the video titled 'The Final Say' is that people who voted out in the EU referendum might still want a say in the UK's continuing relationship with Europe. And if negotiations between Brussels and Whitehall are unsuccessful the UK will be left with a trading relationship akin to tripe.

Davies wants a vote on whatever deal is agreed with an option to stay in the EU.

He ends the video, which has clocked up dozens of views, urging people: "Don't let others decide your future behind closed doors. Delay Article 50 and let the people have the final say"

The Swansea West MP explained the thinking behind the two minute clip: "The UK shouldn't be forced to leave the EU on terms nobody voted for. Therefore Article 50 should be delayed until after the people have had the final say by voting on whether to accept the terms of the deal or to stay in the EU on current terms. The video is a creative expression of this basic point."

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