Leave voters are ok with Brexit wrecking the economy, poll shows

Written by David Singleton on 1 August 2017 in Diary

71 per cent of older Leavers said economic damage was a price worth paying for Brexit.

“When the British people voted last June, they did not vote to become poorer,” Philip Hammond recently insisted.

But a staggering new poll suggests that most Leave voters are actually quite relaxed about getting poorer as part of the Brexit process.

The research by YouGov found that more than 60 per cent of Leave voters believe that “serious” damage to the UK economy would be a price worth paying to achieve Brexit.

Most remarkably, 39 per cent of Leavers said they would accept family members losing their jobs in order to achieve Brexit.





Digging deeper into the research, the pollsters found that older Leave voters were most guilty of ‘Brexit extremism’.

Among 18-24-year-old Leave voters, 46 per cent said significant damage to the economy was a price worth paying for Brexit.

Among Leave voters aged 65 and over the figure rocked up to 71 per cent.

But YouGov also found that Brexit extremism was not restricted to Leave voters – with 34 per cent of Remain backers also saying that significant economic damage would be worth it to keep the UK inside the EU.



Photo credit: Press Association


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