Labour launches council election slogan... and opinion is divided

Written by @singersz on 1 March 2016 in Diary

Labour has revealed that its local council election slogan will be: 'Standing Up, Not Standing By'.

Jeremy Corbyn first aired the slogan at last month's Welsh Labour conference. In his keynote speech, he said the party would be "standing up to the xenophobia of UKIP", and added:

"On low pay on housing on energy and the environment the Tories just stand by, Labour is standing up."

The initial reaction to the new slogan was not wholly positive, with one senior party source telling PoliticsHome on Tuesday: "I don't even know what it means."

On social media, Labour supporter Nicholas Turner indicated that he was not massively inspired by the slogan, while the Daily Mail’s deputy diary editor Richard Eden went out on a limb to suggest it could be "the worst campaign slogan in Labour history".



But others were more positive. The New Statesman's Stephen Bush gave the slogan a thumbs up while the moderate former Labour MP Tom Harris - who is not normally one to endorse anything related to Corbyn - also appeared to suggest that he liked it. Possibly.

Meanwhile Theo Bertram, a former adviser to Tony Blair who now works at Google, declared that Corbyn's new slogan was "not all that bad".

Which is high praise indeed from a Blairite.





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