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Written by Inside this issue you will find on 22 May 2012 in Diary
A preview of the new issue featuring Andrew Lansley, Caroline Flint, Nick Herbert, Luciana Berger and much more

Ed Miliband is on the cover and Jim Pickard examines what makes the Labour leader tick, his relationship with his brother David and shadow chancellor Ed Balls, and whether he is providing a transformative lead for his party.


Jim Pickard's cover feature looking at Ed Miliband as Labour leader.
- The relationship between Ed Miliband and Ed Balls: “They’re like chalk and cheese,” says one senior party figure
- The Labour leader’s efforts to persuade his brother David to serve as shadow chancellor after Alan Johnson’s resignation
- How Miliband clashed with shadow pensions secretary Liam Bryne: “Ed became sick of Liam always telling him what to do, to do it this way, that way.”

Amber Elliott interview with heath secretary Andrew Lansley on why he should remain in the cabinet
- He claims that failures of communication “are the meat and drink of government. It happens all the time.”
- Say he doesn’t worry about his cabinet position: “There’s no point worrying. If the prime minister wants to make a change, then the prime minister will make a change.” He shrugs. “That happens. I pursued a strategy, and one that the PM was always very supportive of.”
It can’t hurt that he used to be David Cameron’s boss, I suggest. “And George Osborne’s.” He smiles. “And Ed Llewellyn. And Kate Fall. And Steve Hilton.”

Also inside:
· Police minister Nick Herbert talks to Total Politics about police commissioners and why his reform will mean “the role of the Home Office will change”. He adds: “We remove central government from interfering in local policing, and refocus it onto ensuring a tough stance against serious organised crime and collaboration between police forces. That’s the proper role of the Home Office.”

· Should we have close ties with China? MPs speak to us about why they want to see the superpower continue to grow. Conservative MP David Davies says: “I think we’re going to learn a lot of lessons from China” while Labour MP Mark Hendrick says: “While China may be far from what we would want in the UK, they are good at getting things done.”

· Total History - we look at Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee and what happened for her landmark celebration.

· Do the Liberal Democrats have a future? Andrew Hawkins of ComRes reveals a new poll, exclusively for Total Politics, which shows that 50% of the public believe the party has “almost no influence over government policy”

· Interview with shadow energy Caroline Flint who says: “I’m ambitious to be seen as someone who has made, and can make, a mega-contribution, but too often politicians focus on that big job and not on with what they need to do. If anything defines the history of the last 15 years, it’s two people locked in an issue about who should be prime minister. Your ambition should be to do the job you’re doing.”

· Should we introduce gay marriage? Conservative MP Jane Ellison says: “No-one is losing any rights and some are gaining the right to do something that will bring joy to those who choose to exercise it.” But her fellow Tory MP Peter Bone disagrees and says: “Should a cherished institution be changed just so the Tory Party will look modern?”

· Labour MP Luciana Berger reveals to Rob Wilson why she feels she has to work so hard to get ahead in the House of Commons.


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