Goldie Lookin Chain - of office?

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Xain, the rapping frontman of Goldie Lookin Chain, has applied to stand as a Labour councillor in Newport

Wonders will never cease. The frontman of Goldie Lookin Chain, Rhys Trantings aka Xain, is applying to stand as a Labour councillor in Newport in next year’s elections.

The South Wales Argus is reporting that the lyrical genius behind ‘Your Misses is as Nutter’ has decided to ‘make a difference’ for the people of Newport by standing for office.

As well as his music career, I’m informed (by no lesser source than Wikipedia, to be fair) that Trantings is ‘also a keen inventor and has several innovative products awaiting Patent. Rhys is also the manager of German techno band DIGITALsex.’ All experience that will no doubt be vital to serving the people of Newport.

Of course, we all love a zany celebrity candidate. As well as being hilarious, they often raise the profile of otherwise-overlooked contests. But what’s different about this is that should Trantings be selected, he is almost certain to be elected. What Conservative candidate could beat a homegrown rap superstar on his hometurf, which just so happens to be an area that leans strongly towards Labour anyway?

Why stop at councillor? Bring on the Goldie Lookin Chain of office, I say.

UPDATE 1630: My colleague Shane has just pointed out that Rhys Trantings made a few waves by condemning this 'official' parody of Jay Z's 'Empire State of Mind', which was titled 'Newport State of Mind':

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