Future Labour MPs quizzed on Ed’s leadership, NHS privatisation and trade unions

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As the second instalment of a two part feature, TP has spoken to five Labour candidates standing in winnable seats in the 2015 general election.

The five likely future MPs were noticeably cool towards New Labour, with Neil Kinnock’s son among those criticising aspects of Blair/Brown era.

Stephen Kinnock, who is married to Danish PM Helle Thorning-Schmid, is standing in the Welsh seat of Aberavon. He told us that while “huge things were achieved” in the New Labour years, the party could have done much more:

“What I think we didn’t manage to do was actually change the political weather.

"The Thathcherite consensus that the only route to well-being is to abandon justice and equity and just let the market go unfettered, in my view we did not even really try to challenge it. We went with the grain on it. I think that was a huge missed opportunity.”

There was also was some support for renationalising the railways and much enthusiasm for a graduate tax among the five candidates we spoke to.

There were mixed opinions over whether the private sector should have a role in NHS but all five of the candidates robustly defended Labour’s links to the trade unions. And there was the usual level of hostility towards Prime Minister’s Questions.

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