The Free Enterprise Group to support reform

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Liz Truss MP on why it's vital to resist vested interests in the economy

The west is facing a competitiveness crisis. Britain is 83rd in the world for regulation and 94th for taxation. The east has adopted the capitalism and meritorcracy that has been diluted in the west. All the while liberal economics is being framed as the great enemy of the piece, when it has the potential to be the true hero.

In his speech this week the Chancellor set out a programme of supply side reform. This reform will face resistance from vested interests.The argument needs to be won with the public. Unless we find solutions based around freeing up people's creativity Britain's economy will continue to struggle. This is precisely why, along with 21 of my colleagues (including Rory Stewart, Sajid Javid, Priti Patel, Dominic Raab, David Rutley, Kwasi Kwarteng, Chris Skidmore) I have established a new group within the Conservative Party - the Free Enterprise Group to support reform.

The group's objectives are to:

- encourage a competitive and free economic environment
- raise the global economic standing of the UK
- challenge monopolies and oligopolies
- free individuals to create, innovate and take risks

We intend to reframe the debate so that policies that enable free individuals to thrive and prosper are at the heart of government.

In the face of major economic and cultural challenges Britain has a tenacity and energy that needs to be unleashed.

Liz Truss is the Conservative MP for South West Norfolk

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