David Dimbleby throws audience member off Question Time

Written by James Millar on 23 June 2017 in Diary

The veteran presenter finally lost his patience and told heckler to get off his show

There's been plenty of rowdy editions of Question Time over the years but, in what's believed to be a first, presenter David Dimbleby ordered a member of the audience to leave last night.

The man had noisily heckled new justice secretary David Lidington, causing the cabinet minister to lose his cool. Supposed to be answering a question about Jeremy Corbyn's election performance Lidington was reduced to jabbing his finger at the audience member and urging him to show some 'economic literacy' after the heckler shouted: "Tax the rich!"

Dimbleby attempted to reason with the man telling him that as one person in an audience of 150 he wouldn't be allowed to 'take over the programme'.

But when the same man, resplendent in a bright shirt featuring liquorice allsorts, piped up again when anti-Brexit campaigner Gina Miller spoke Dimbleby had had enough telling him "Listen, I think you ought to leave you know". The man picked up his satchel and walked off, much to the delight of the Plymouth audience.



The man did not give his name on the programme though local media have named him as Steve German, a socialist activist in the area. 

And inevitably social media had some fun at his expense particularly with his shirt with Tweeters comparing him to children's TV star Mr Tumble and a Twister mat.

Comedian Milton Jones, known for his one-liners and garish shirts, even spotted a similarity



The episode was also notable for the contribution of an audience member called Wendy who said the public don't need to know the details of Theresa May's Brexit negotiations which led to her getting into a row with a man seated in front of her in the audience.

Some on social media have suggested that the confrontational nature of the episode is emblematic of the divided state of the nation following the general election that returned a hung parliament.

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