David Cameron hangs with Arnold Schwarzenegger and says he’ll ‘be back’

Written by Rod Muir on 3 February 2017 in Diary

Was it a promise, a threat… or just a bad impression?

A few days ago, the vehemently eurosceptic Tory grandee Bill Cash suggested that Cameron should “come back to the Commons and apologise” for his leadership of the party.

Given that Cameron is no longer an MP it seems highly unlikely that will happen.

But the former prime minister has now vowed to make a comeback of some kind. Although it is not clear whether he intended to be taken at his word – or if he was just doing a bad impression.

Cameron’s vow came as he appeared in a slightly bizarre video with Arnold Schwarzenegger posted on the former California governor’s Snapchat feed. The pair have been pals since 2007 when Schwarzenegger was governor of California.

Quoting the former move star’s best-know catchphrase, a relaxed-looking Cameron declared: “I’m with the governor. He did a great job, and I’ll be back.”





It is not clear where Cameron and Schwarzenegger shot their video. Or what kind of comeback Cameron has in mind.

Meanwhile Cameron’s comment that the former governor did a “great job” can be seen a rebuke to Donald Trump following the prime minister’s recent spat with Schwarzenegger.

At a national prayer breakfast, the president taunted the actor over the TV ratings of his former show The Apprentice, which is now presented by Schwarzenegger.

After Schwarzenegger hit back with an observation that approval ratings were "the worst in history for an incoming president", Trump tweeted his response on Friday.

“Yes, Arnold Schwarzenegger did a really bad job as governor of California and even worse on The Apprentice, but at least he tried hard!”


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