Culture secretary doesn’t want to admit cut in police numbers

Written by David Singleton on 5 June 2017 in Diary

Karen Bradley put in a robotic performance when quizzed by Piers Morgan.

Culture secretary Karen Bradley was today forced to admit that the Conservatives have cut police numbers after doing her best to dodge the question.

Labour has accused Theresa May of cutting police numbers by 20,000 during her time as home secretary and trying to "protect the public on the cheap".

In an awkward interview on Good Morning Britain, Bradley was keen to avoid answering presenter Piers Morgan when he asked about the cuts.

"What I'm interested in is making sure we have the right resources, the right powers and the right training and capabilities," she said.

Asked whether there was any reason she could not answer the question, she replied that "we are here to talk about the attack on Saturday".

And when pressed again, Bradley said: "Piers we are here because on Thursday there is a general election."





Morgan took to Twitter to express his exasperation: "You wouldn't want Karen Bradley on your pub quiz team, would you? Jeez."

But an hour later on BBC Radio 4, presenter Justin Webb finally managed to get Bradley to answer the same question.

Asked by Webb whether police numbers have been cut, Bradley decided to come clean.

She confessed that "we have seen reductions in police numbers across the board" and then claimed that it was Labour’s fault.

"We had to take difficult decisions in 2010 when we came into office, when as you remember there was no money," she argued.



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