Charlie Brooker's Sun poem

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Brooker's rhyming list of things or people The Sun has 'witch-hunted' is worth a watch

Trevor Kavanagh's intervention on the Sun journalists' arrests has provoked a lot of comment from all sides of the media ethics/privacy debate. Indeed, Dan Hodges's piece for TP earlier this week - 'Why we should all be worried about the Sun journalists' arrest' - has got people going in the comments. While worthy, a lot of the coverage has been quite straight, not at all reflecting that The Sun is a paper with a very strong sense of humour - you might not find it funny, but it's often anything but straight-laced.

Which is why I think it's great that Charlie Brooker has poked fun at the idea of a paper that has conducted many a 'witch-hunt' in the past now accusing others of mounting one against it. Especially since he did it in the form of a satirical poem on 10 O'Clock Live that noted that the paper is not exactly a friend to "anyone who lives in Spain/Or mounts a human rights campaign". There are serious issues of press freedom and media ethics at stake here - of course there are. But Fleet Street, and particularly the tabloid contingent of it, has always been able to see the funny side, and I hope that we're not going to lose that now.

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