Are you a producer or a predator?

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Ed Miliband's attack on “predator” companies in his conference speech yesterday was among the lighter reactions in the hotel bar last night

“Are you a producer or a predator?”

“I think being a predator sounds way better.”

“I’m a predator-producer.”

One part of Ed Miliband’s speech in particular seems to have chimed with his conference audience.

Last night in the bars of Liverpool, the Labour leader’s attack on ‘predatory asset strippers’ became a joke as delegates played ‘Producer or predator?’

Sadly, this morning’s reaction has been less funny.

The FT reports:

John Cridland, director-general of the CBI employers’ organisation, said he was “scratching his head” after Mr Miliband suggested there were swaths of “asset strippers” in Britain that needed to be dealt with.

“I don’t recognise this idea that there are large numbers of companies in this ‘predatory asset stripper’ class. This is just very black and white and it doesn’t reflect the world as I see it,” Mr Cridland said.

The other line from Ed’s speech that seemed to catch the imagination of mischievous conference attendees was, “I am not Tony Blair.”

One Labour Party member remarked: “How did that line make it into the speech? Either Ed Miliband paints Blair as a negative and then people jeer a three-time election winner, as we saw today. Or Ed Miliband draws a comparison between himself and Blair, where people turn around and say, ‘Ed, mate, you really aren’t Tony Blair.’”

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