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Everything happening in a full day in politics

09:30 Pensions minister Steve Webb appears at a work and pensions select committee hearing.

12:00 Prime minister David Cameron faces Ed Miliband, the Labour leader, at this week’s prime minister’s questions. Possible intervention in Libya is likely to be at the top of the agenda.

14:30 Mark Thompson, Director General of the BBC, gives evidence at a Commons select committee on the implications of BBC World Service cuts.

Also at 14:30 Foreign secretary William Hague, Cabinet Office minister Oliver Letwin, defence secretary Liam Fox and international development secretary Andrew Mitchell speak at a strategic defence and security committee hearing.

19:30 Michael Howard, former leader of the Conservatives, addresses the Cambridge Union debating society.

What’s been said

In the Daily Express, Chris Roycroft-Davis asks: “Want to know what I really think about the poppy burner?”  He argues that while “curbing our tongues” is the price we pay for living in a democracy, the judge who awarded Emdadur Choudhary a £50 fine for his actions is “a big liberal softie who’s let the nation down”. He concludes: “You’re a disgrace”.

Simon Heffer suggests in The Daily Telegraph that while it has been “great sport” to “taunt, deride and generally vilipend the Liberal Democrats after their pathetic performance” in Barnsley, the fact that the Tories “were beaten by the United Kingdom Independence Party” should be the Conservatives’ focus. Addressing the prime minister, he writes: “A number of Tory MPs are starting to wonder whether Mr Cameron and his circle have the necessary grip. I think they have a point.”

And The Times carries a piece by Tom Winsor, author of yesterday’s independent review of police pay, which points out that “more than 40 per cent [of police officers now] work 9 to 5 in offices”. His proposals, he argues, would “return £485 million to the taxpayer, and divert £625 million to frontline policing, .... strengthen[ing] the blue line that protects us all”.

Stats of the day

35p – The projected fall in council tax for an average Band D household this year, according to the Chartered Institute of Public Finance.

6 months – The proposed waiting period for cancer patients before receiving the impending replacement for the Disability Living Allowance.

21% - the proportion of UK children who are categorised as having less severe Special Educational Needs.

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