Tory MP is Mercer-lessly mocked by fellow backbencher Johnny Mercer

Written by Total Politics Staff on 14 March 2019 in Diary

With the ongoing Brexit deadlock continuing to depress the life out of everyone at Westminster, it's been good to have a bit of light relied today. Unless, of course, you happen to be Scott Mann.

The MP for North Cornwall decided to lead with his chin this morning by tweeting a novel idea for tackling the knife crime epidemic sweeping the country.
For reasons best known to himself, Mann suggested - and we're really not making this up - fitting every knife in the country with a GPS tracker.
Naturally, fishermen and other professionals requiring sharp implements for their work would be exempt from the hi-tech idea.
Not only did he think this, the former postie decided to share it with there whole world by posting it on Twitter. The results were rather predictable. 
At the last count, he had received 4,400 replies and 465 retweets. That is not, it must be said, a happy ratio.

Even his pals joined in the ribbing, with Johnny Mercer taking the trouble to make a video ripping the p***. 

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