Tory civil war escalates as David Cameron shoots 'Boris'

Written by Total Politics on 17 September 2019 in Diary

The Conservatives' bitter feud over Brexit has, it's fair to say, ramped up a notch this week with the publication of former Prime Minister David Cameron's memoirs.

The ex-Tory leader has already ripped into top Leave campaigners Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, accusing them of behaving "appallingly" during the vote and claiming that the current occupant of Number 10 backed Brexit even though he didn't believe in it.

Cameron - who has maintained his silence since leaving office - is clearly enjoying getting a few things off his chest after being tripped up by a referendum result that ended his political career and will forever define his legacy.

But it seems the sweet sweet vengeance doesn't stop at choice words for Boris, Gove and their fellow Brexit campaigners.

The former PM is, according to a cracking column by The Times's Alex Massie, also seeking solace in a decidedly upper-class leisure pursuit.

"Life after politics has its consolations even for David Cameron, who dearly misses the rough and tumble of his years in office," Massie writes.

"Some pastimes that were sacrificed for optical (which is to say political) expediency may be resumed.

"Thus last month, on the Isle of Jura, Cameron shot a stag and named him Boris. This was the sequel to a stalking expedition last summer during which a similarly stricken deer was given the name Gove."

We are a long, long way from hug-a-huskie Cameron here, readers...

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