Minister makes an enemy of Martin Lewis with his Brexit question-dodging

Written by David Singleton on 22 January 2019 in Diary

Watch: The money saving expert was not the only person driven to despair on Politics Live.

Poor Chris Skidmore. The universities and science minister went on to Politics Live to talk about Brexit and behaved just like every other minister - by refusing to say anything new or interesting about what the government will do next.

Unfortunately for Skidmore he was sitting next to excitable money expert Martin Lewis, who was last seen “destroying” Labour’s Chi Onwurah on Question Time.

Would the minister support the extension of Article 50 for three months, everyone wanted to know.

"I think that’s an open question," replied Skidmore, enigmatically.

To which Lewis retorted sharply: “But what’s the answer to the question?”

It’s fair to say that relations went downhill from there…





Yet Lewis was not the only person driven to despair on the show. 

In another segment, Labour MP Chris Williamson popped up to talk about Brexit and stated that “the key for me isn't about whether we leave with or without a deal”.

To start with, Labour grandee David Blunkett accused the Corbyn loyalist siding with the Tory hard Brexiteers.

As it got worse, he was reduced to putting his head in his hands… 







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