Liz Truss overheard saying what she really thinks of fellow Tories

Written by David Singleton on 4 December 2018 in Diary

Perhaps the chief secretary to the Treasury should learn to keep her voice down when she dines out.

Already this year, Liz Truss has prepared a speech mocking Michael Gove’s environmental crusade and been at loggerheads with Gavin Williamson over defence cuts.  So perhaps it should come as no surprise to learn that the chief secretary to the Treasury isn’t exactly complimentary about some of her colleagues when she’s having dinner in Westminster. 

According to a Green party candidate in the same restaurant, Truss suggested that everyone in government hates Gove while Jeremy Hunt is “all about the gameplaying”. Nevertheless Hunt and Sajid Javid are front of the queue to be next Tory leader, apparently.

At a recent event in London, Truss described the prime minister as “iron-willed” and “indefatigable”. But what does she really think? According to Zack Polanski, she actually believes that May is “only person worse at managing people than David Cameron”. 

And she appearently wants to lure a journlaist over the "the dark side" and to get companies like Burger King to sponsor Britain's motorways.

Truss has not commented on the awkward Twitter thread, but one part particularly rings true. In a bid to make Conservatism hip again, Truss has repeatedly ignored concerns about the gig economy, claimed that “Britain is a nation of Uber-riding, Deliveroo-eating, Airbnb-ing freedom fighters” - and declared that she is the Tory “disruptor-in-chief”.

Or as she allegedly put it last night: “I embrace the chaos. I'm a thrillseeker.”



What Truss said (according to Zack Polanski)


On Michael Gove

Theresa should have used Michael more when making the deal. Used him to get the brexiteers out. Mind you everyone hates him - they all blame him for not letting Boris be Boris. Then we wouldn't have Theresa as Prime Minister - and to be fair, they're right.


On Gavin Williamson

Have you noticed Gavin’s gone quiet? Military spending rejected by the Treasury. His modernisation didn't really work & he can't get it signed off. He's got a speech next week & it's all going to be sketchy.


On Jeremy Hunt and Matt Hanock 

Jeremy Hunt is so charming. There's no consistency though. One minute he's all about the free market and the next. Matt Hancock is actually getting stuck into policy whereas Jeremy was all about the gameplaying. 


On Theresa May

The only person worse at managing people than David Cameron is...Theresa May. She's such a pacifist whereas I embrace the chaos. I'm a thrillseeker. 


On next Tory leader

It's going to be Sajid or Jeremy for leader because of the AV system. The only one who could beat them with members is Boris.


On her new vision

My new vision is all about the roads. We need to push to get company sponsorship for the Top 10 motorways. Like they have in the USA where Burger King sponsor pot holes. We'll wait until the New Year though because obviously now everything is consumed by Brexit.


On hiring a new special adviser

Do you know any journos who might want to come to the darkside?



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