Labour launched Facebook ad blitz against 'next Prime Minister' - six days after Boris Johnson elected

Written by John Johnston on 1 August 2019 in Diary

Facebook's ad library shows eight attack ads about the 'next Prime Minister' were launched almost a week after Boris Johnson had moved into Downing Street.

Already viewed by thousands of voters, the dud ads push web surfers towards a Labour sign-up page where they are asked to give their name, email and postcode if they backed calls for the "next Prime Minister" to offer a fresh public vote on Brexit.

Launched six days after Mr Johnson entered Number 10, the gaffe campaign delivered four subtly different adverts to voters in a bid to extend its reach with different audiences on the platform.

"Our country can't afford to crash out with no deal. But the Tories don't care who is hurt by their reckless choices," one ad claimed.

"That's why we're demanding that the next prime minister - whoever they may be - must put their Brexit deal back to the people."

Another read: "Whoever the next prime minister is, they should put their Brexit deal back to the people and promise a public vote.

"Agree? Add your name to our petition."

Less than £100 was spent plugging each of the eight ads, but four are still being actively promoted on the platform while the party's website continues to accept new signatures.

"Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party have tried to unite the country and deliver the results of the referendum," the website claims.

"Brexit should not be a choice between the Tories’ bad deal and a disastrous no deal.

"That’s why Labour would put any Brexit deal back to the people to let them decide. Labour will campaign to Remain against a no deal or a bad Tory deal."

"We are calling on the next Prime Minister to promise a public vote."

The website fails to disclose how or when the petition will be delivered but the page also includes a prominent plea for visitors to sign-up for the party's mailing list.

It's likely that the information hoovered up by the party could be used to target voters in the event of a snap election.

It comes after Tory spinners spent a whopping £20,000 on Facebook ads in the wake of Boris Johnson's victory in the party's leadership contest.

Thousands of ads about the Prime Minister's pledge to boost police numbers and exit the EU by Hallowe'en have been fired out across the social media site in a bid to entice new members to join the party or hand over their personal information in order to "show their support" for Mr Johnson's plans.

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