John Bercow admits that his Ken Clarke impression is a bit rubbish

Written by Dods staff on 13 November 2018 in Diary

Watch: The Speaker appears to have realised that he’s no Rory Bremner.

When Plaid Cymru's Jonathan Edwards complained about a fellow MP "disparaging" his Welsh accent, he might not have been expecting what was to follow.

After making it clear that the Welsh MP was right to raise the issue, the Speaker went off on one about his own conduct in the chair.

“I am the last person to deprecate good humour in the way in which we interact. I may on occasion myself have caused offence by my extraordinarily ineffective mimicry, for which I apologise,” he said.





“I have been known to seek to imitate the father of the house, the right honourable and learned gentleman, the member for Rushcliffe, who has been a friend of mine for well over twenty years. 

“As I say, my efforts of imitating him are usually pretty feeble and they have always been undertaken in a friendly spirit.”

Clearly the Speaker is feeling a bit guilty about mocking a colleague he has previously described as “statesman-like”. But perhaps he can take solace from the fact that he’s not the Tory MP to have had a go.

Just a few weeks ago, fellow Remainer Anna Soubry did best Father of the House impression live on LBC. But presenter Eddie Mair was left less than impressed, quipping: “This isn’t something for you to fall back on”.







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