Jeremy Corbyn makes a monstrous mistake in latest old embarrassing video

Written by David Singleton on 5 February 2019 in Diary

The Labour leader was filmed slamming the EU as a 'massive great Frankenstein'.

Just when you thought that all of the dodgy old videos of Jeremy Corbyn might have been unearthed, another one has popped up to embarrass him.

In the latest awkward footage, obtained by the anti-Corbyn Red Roar website, the Labour leader shows the full scale of his hostility to the European Union.

Speaking at a 2009 rally on the Lisbon Treaty when he was a humble backbencher, Corbyn tells Irish activists that “people like us do not want to be living in a European empire.”

He slams the EU as “subservient to the aims of NATO”.

But most shockingly he rants that: “We are creating here one massive great Frankenstein which will damage all of us in the long run.”

Someone should tell him that in Mary Shelley’s novel, Victor Frankenstein is the name of the scientist who created the monster…





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