Jeremy Corbyn crowdsources PMQs questions...again

Written by Total Politics on 8 April 2019 in Diary

Lucky Labour supporters will have opened their inboxes to find an email from Jeremy Corbyn asking them to do his job for him.

People are being urged to share their stories (as well as emails addresses and phone numbers) with Labour in a bid to find some ammunition to launch at the Prime Minister at this week’s question time set piece.

The novel tactic, which Jeremy Corbyn has been using since his PMQs debut, was meant to reduce the “theatrics” of the Commons but four years on the weekly ranting session is just as pointless as ever.

Whether it's Theresa's Maybot responses, or Jeremy Corbyn's habit of repeating an entire paragraph of his script if he gets interrupted, the Punch and Judy politics of the past remains alive and well.

A cynic may suggest the exercise is a ploy to grab people’s contact information, but according to the correspondence, Mr Corbyn promises to ask the “best question” when he takes on Mrs May this week.

“At PMQs, Jeremy Corbyn will put your questions to Theresa May,” the email reads. “Let us know what you'd like him to ask this week so he can continue to confront our Prime Minister with the real issues facing the British people.

“Let's keep up the pressure and make her listen.”

The website adds: "Make sure to include your own personal story if you have one."

The Labour leader has received both plaudits and criticism for the tactic, with some welcoming the inclusion of real voices, while others say the tactic stops a forensic questioning of the Prime Minister.

But one thing is for sure, with Labour’s increasingly split position on the UK’s exit from the EU, it seems unlikely Mr Corbyn’s team will be pulling any questions on Brexit from the postbag…


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