Gisela Stuart makes Alastair Campbell an offer he can refuse

Written by Dods staff on 19 November 2017 in Diary

'How about you and I working together to get the best deal?'

While debating Brexit with Alastair Campbell on the BBC Sunday Politics show, Labour’s Gisela Stuart did her best to remain measured and polite.

Perhaps keen to avoid a repeat of the epic shouting match between Campbell and Nigel Farage earlier this year, Labour’s leading Brexiteer gently accused her party’s most famous spin doctor of "undermining political institutions".

But she may have reached too far when she made a radical - and rather optimistic - suggestion:

"Rather than trying to encourage other countries to undermine this country how about you and I working together to get the best deal?"

Unsurprisingly, Campbell did not jump at the offer:

"Because we totally disagree."

But he did offer some guidance to Stuart and her fellow Brexiteers on how to proceed:

"I could give them (the government) some advice about how to get a good deal. The first thing is you have an agreed strategy. Eighteen months on, they don't have that."








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