Conservatives left red-faced as they are forced to replace 'countdown to Brexit' clock

Written by Total Politics Staff on 4 November 2019 in Diary

The Brexit countdown clocks turned out not to be a stroke of genius from Boris Johnson.

Conservative Campaign Headquarters have been forced to repurpose their October 31 countdown clock after Boris Johnson's plans to deliver Brexit were left in tatters.

The party had spent an estimated £1000 on two large digital clocks which were counting down towards the "do or die" deadline, with one placed in Conservative HQ and the other reportedly hung in Boris Johnson's No10 office.

But in a humiliating twist, the clock is now counting up the days and hours since the party failed to deliver Brexit with a new sign which reads: "Time since we should have left the EU if Labour, Lib Dems and the SNP hadn't blocked Brexit."

The new timepiece was revealed by Channel 4 reporter Georgina Lee after concerns were raised it could be ditched alongside other infamous gaffe political props, such as the "Ed stone".



The clock was first unveiled by a grinning Conservative Party chairman James Cleverly just over 90 days before the Brexit date, but according to the Sunday Times, the Downing Street clock was removed by staff ahead of the deadline because it was putting them under "too much pressure".



But spare a thought for Tory campaign chiefs who are now going to have to spend the entire election campaign gazing up at a reminder of how they failed to deliver their principal promise to voters.

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