Top ten politicians in woollies

Written by Alistair Lamyman on 3 January 2014 in Culture
With heating bills going up, money-wise politicos just don a jumper or two… no woolly thinking here


Known for being “just a normal bloke”, Farage throws off the usual suit and tie loved by politicians in favour of this lovely Argyle number. But it seems it doesn’t matter whatever else he’s wearing, he’s always wearing that grin.

Ho Ho No!
Never able to resist a photo opportunity, Lembit Öpik here dons not only a warming winter jacket, but also has the Santa hat to match. He’s about to participate in the annual Santa Fun Run, held in Powys. Brr.

The prince and the presidents
Fighting off a bitterly cold Polish January, Prince Andrew, Jacques Chirac, Vladimir Putin and Polish president Aleksander Kwaśniewski all wrap up warm. Whereas Chirac looks rather uncomfortable, Putin looks completely unfazed. He could probably sit there with his shirt off. Not another Cold War…

Before any accusations were made of her looking like a member of the International Rescue team, Theresa May would opt for more casual clothing than her now commonplace business suit. This jumper probably got her too heated – much like the Commons on a good day.

Sam Cam’s Christmas
Sam Cam gets into the Christmas spirit with children at a local primary school, who are all taking part in Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day. We’re just hopeful she can convince the whole cabinet to join in this year.

Hat’s off to Sarah
As with her successor, Sarah Brown also dedicated a lot of her time to charity work. Here she’s posing outside No 10 with a selection of tiny knitted hats to support Help the Aged – we presume they’re for the Downing Street mice Larry the cat has since failed to catch.

It’s a cover-up!
As professed by almost everyone (especially his father) a defining feature of the Mayor of London is his intense golden hair. However, having just had his private life smeared all over the papers, he perhaps wanted to keep himself covered.

Michael Howard sees red
Helping out in one of his local charity shops, Michael Howard sorts clothes as part of Make a Difference day. All those years facing Labour across the chamber at PMQs has clearly prepared him for being able to grapple with something “Red”.

Blast from the Past
Forever immortalised as a relic of the Conservatives’ Europhilic past, Michael Heseltine here engenders a different kind of nostalgia. Sporting forest-green cords and a beige jumper, he is a stark reminder of fashion in the 1990s. Never again.

Casual cashmere
Presented as a gift, symbolising the threat of the cashmere industry because of the banana trade war with the US, the former PM looks as if this is the best present he’s ever had. Funny how we never saw him wearing this little number.

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