Previews: Fear, propaganda & coconut oil

Written by Jasmine Pal on 18 March 2013 in Culture
Our cultural picks for politicos this month

This article is from the April 2013 issue of Total Politics

The Art of Fear 
The Art of Fear examines the social and political visions and aspirations of Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin. Held in the Southbank Centre, the weekend exhibition will explore themes such as music, the arts and politics under totalitarian states. There will be lively debates with top speakers such as Professor Erik Levi, Michelle Assay and Professor David Fanning, films and musical entertainment, as well as an in-depth look into the secret police, the role of concentration camps, denunciations and segregation. 
11 May, Southbank Centre, London
Propaganda: Power and Persuasion   
Propaganda: Power and Persuasion showcases the art and messages behind campaigns. The exhibition draws upon poster, film, radio broadcasts, leaflets, textbooks and cartoons from both the past and modern era to provide a better understanding of the subject. It is a topic associated with political proceedings as well as everyday life. The displays include recent events, such as the 2012 Olympics, and include a depiction of Margaret Thatcher as Napoleon, and everyday propaganda messages. The event also uncovers the nature of propaganda, whether it is interpreted as public information or misinformation.
17 May-17 September, 2013, The British Library, London
The Tate Modern will be hosting Ellen Gallagher’s acclaimed exhibition DeLuxe. The individually framed, 60-print portfolio explores African-American culture via the use of advertisements taken from magazines such as Ebony, Our World and Sepia from the 1930s-70s. Gallagher’s piece draws upon the use of female models and beauty products aimed at both men and women in the black community. Her techniques combine classic and modern processes with a unique twist, incorporating external elements such as plasticine, glitter and coconut oil (associated with the dressing of Afro hair) in order to provide a 3D element.. 
1 May-1 September, Tate Modern, London

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