Benedict Cumberbatch to star in Brexit drama - as Dominic Cummings

Written by Dods staff on 16 May 2018 in Culture

It's the natural next step after playing the Dane...

He has recently played Sherlock and Hamlet but could Benedict Cumberbatch’s next job be his biggest challenge yet?

Last month renowned playwright James Graham confirmed that the script has been finalised for his new TV drama about the EU referendum campaign. He said it would be based on accounts in books including All Out War by Tim Shipman.

Now Channel 4 has announced that Cumberbatch will have a starring role in the drama as Vote Leave’s controversial top strategist Dominic Cummings.

In his highly-regarded account of the battle over Brexit, Sunday Times political editor Shipman details how Cummings led Vote Leave to success with a bloody-minded approach that riled some fellow Brexiteers.

"Cummings’ decision to hire data experts instead of the usual politicos, combined with a cynical understanding that it did not matter if what the campaign said was factually correct, made Vote Leave unlike any other political operation," stated a review of the tome by the FT.

In his review, political commentator Iain Dale wrote: "If I were Dominic Cummings and I read this book – and surely he has – I’d be fairly confident my place in the political history of this country was assured. Every successful campaign needs a Cummings figure – someone who the campaign workers can look up to and respect."

The yet-to-be named drama will begin shooting later this year and will be directed by Toby Haynes whose credits include Black Mirror, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell and Sherlock.

A press notice out by Channel 4 about the show stated: "From political strategists and pollsters to disrupters and provocateurs – the decisions taken and platforms set out during those eight weeks in the summer of 2016 have had reverberations throughout British politics and across the globe like no other event since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Going beyond the well-known public appearances of famous faces to peak instead behind the curtain, Brexit (w/t) will explore the anatomy of a modern data-driven election campaign, and the divisive figures driving it from the shadows.

"Venturing from high street campaigning to top level political influence, and then stepping even further into the darker corners of the internet, Brexit (w/t) sets out not to be an analysis of who was right and who was wrong, but rather is the story of how it happened, and why."


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