Andrew Marr has good news for politicians who like a lie-in

Written by David Singleton on 29 August 2018 in Culture

Moving The Andrew Marr Show back to 10am should make Team Corbyn happy...

Sunday Times political editor Tim Shipman’s must-read book on Brexit, All Out War, is stuffed with references to Jeremy Corbyn and his top team not wanting to get out of bed too close to the crack of dawn

During the campaign, Corbyn’s team apparently complained that an 8.30am ‘Labour In’ meeting was too early. Upon being told that the Labour leader was asleep at 6am on the morning after the Brexit vote, one staffer, Brian Duggan, is said to have snapped: “Are you seriously telling me the markets are crashing, the pound is falling,  we’re just left the European Union, the prime minister is about to resign, and the leader of the opposition is in bed?”

But now BBC producers have brought good news for the Labour leader and his inner circle – and all other politicos who don’t enjoy rising with the lark.

The corporation’s flagship political programme, The Andrew Marr Show returns this Sunday and is moving to a later start time of 10 am, it has been announced. With ITV having shunted Robert Peston's political interview programme to a midweek evening slot, the Marr move means that all three remaining Sunday shows — Marr, Sky News’ Sophy Ridge on Sunday and BBC Radio 5’s Pienaar’s Politics — will now air at the same time. Unless one of them now makes a move in response to Marr.

Why has Marr been shifted back to 10am? According to the presenter, the decision was taken to help out football fans watching the Sunday morning re-run of Match of the Day. As Marr himself tweeted:

“Hi Sophy, andrew here. Just to let you know: they are changing the time of my show to 10 AM. It’s a management thing, based on their reading of the football audience, nothing to do with us and absolutely not meant to be rolling onto your lawn! A.”

The tweet was then quickly deleted -  presumably because it was supposed to a direct message sent privately to Ridge.





Sky News is rolling onto the BBC's old lawn...






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