Theresa May hits back at Russia - Commons statement in full

14 March 2018

The PM announced measures against Russia after the Kremlin failed explain the poisoning of Sergei Skripal by a Russian-manufactured nerve agent.

'Massive gap' at Labour HQ as top moderate walks out on Jeremy Corbyn

13 March 2018

The Labour leader will soon wave goodbye to Emilie Oldknow - aka 'the de facto chief executive of the Labour party'.

Simon Lancaster: Why Donald Trump resembles a Hitler tribute act

26 February 2018

From his very earliest speeches, Hitler spoke about the Jews as snakes.  Now Trump is increasingly doing the same.

James Frayne: Politicians are missing a trick by playing safe on Brexit

23 February 2018

Only Boris Johnson is really banging the drum for radical change after Brexit, but even his position is largely based on rhetoric.

Politics on the small screen: the verdict on the BBC's Collateral

19 February 2018

John Simm plays a Labour MP in David Hare’s drama. But is his character just 'a sexed-up Corbyn'?

Book review: Fighters and Quitters

9 February 2018

For aficionados of political theatre, Theo Barclay’s run-through of great resignations is a surefire box office smash.

Book review: Behind Diplomatic Lines

6 February 2018

Patrick R H Wright documents the obsessions of Margaret Thatcher and has some wonderful observations about her ministers.