Speech to the Liberal Assembly 1981 “Go back to your constituencies...“

David Steel

Category: Liberal Democrat Conference (Leader's Speeches)

Inaugural Address

Dwight D Eisenhower, 21/01/1957

Category: Presidential Inaugural Addresses

Britain Today

James Callaghan, 14/09/1976

Category: Labour Politics (General)

Resignation Statement

Iain Duncan Smith, 29/10/2003

Category: Resignation Speeches

Ruskin Speech

Tony Blair, 16/12/1996

Category: Labour Politics (General), Trade Unions

Broadcast to the Nation on Northern Ireland

Harold Wilson, 25/05/1974

Category: Ireland

Speech in the Debate on the Queen's Speech "Rights & Responsibilities"

Earl Russell, 25/06/2001

Category: Liberal Politics (General)

INaugural Address

Herbert Hoover, 04/03/1929

Category: Presidential Inaugural Addresses

Speech to the Liberal Assembly 1986 on Defence

Simon Hughes, 23/09/1986

Category: Liberal Democrat Conference (General Speeches), Defence

Chard Speech

Paddy Ashdown, 09/05/1992

Category: Liberal Politics (General)

Speech to Liberal Democrat Conference 1999

Paddy Ashdown, 21/09/1999

Category: Liberal Democrat Conference (Leader's Speeches)

Foreign Land Speech to Spring Conference

William Hague, 05/03/2001

Category: Conservatism

Speech in the House of Commons on Foreign Affairs

Paddy Ashdown, 25/04/2001

Category: Foreign Policy

Speech on the Commonwealth Immigration Bill in the House of Lords

Violet Bonham Carter, 29/02/1968

Category: Race

Conservatives: the party for the vulnerable

Iain Duncan Smith/03/2002

Category: Poverty

New weapons in the war against poverty

David McLetchie/05/2002

Category: Poverty

Championing children in our inner cities

Iain Duncan Smith/05/2002

Category: Conservatism

Sustainability and society

Oliver Letwin/07/2002

Category: Conservatism

Spring Harvest Speech at Minehead

William Hague/04/2000

Category: Religion

Ethical boundaries and the Medical Revolution

Liam Fox/09/2000

Category: Health Service

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