Alex Salmond: I could probably eat burnt testicle

25 July 2017

Former SNP leader Alex Salmond said he would not shy away from a tough eating challenge.

Boris Johnson has been trying to offend people again

24 July 2017

Boris Johnson actually compared a traditional Māori greeting to a Glaswegian headbutt

Vince Cable's been naughty... with a gun

21 July 2017

Cable spent his first day as Lib Dem leader talking up comparisons to Emmanuel Macron despite being neither French nor young

George Pascoe-Watson: Theresa May is finally finding her feet

13 July 2017

And as long as there is no obvious successor in the wings, senior Tories are now clear that the PM can endure.

Andrew Greenway: What Whitehall really makes of May’s minority government

10 July 2017

Those who have worked hard to articulate a case for rational policy changes are scanning the ideological runes of the DUP for pitfalls.

Alastair Campbell interview: My tribalism is being fairly severely challenged

31 March 2017

Tony Blair’s former communications supremo is as combative as ever as he battles to stop Brexit. And yet he is not ruling out being Theresa May’s first mental health tsar.

How the Hampstead Socialist lost out to the Islington Socialist

13 February 2017

Hampstead used to be home of the Labour intelligentsia, but Islington appears to have wrested the title from its north London neighbour.

Dan Jarvis interview: There’s nothing progressive about ignoring the concerns of voters

22 January 2017

After the intense media storm over his leadership challenge that never was, Dan Jarvis has kept a low profile in Westminster. But the former paratrooper is returning to the frontline of politics as he takes on the government over child poverty targets