Steve Richards: Never before have the main party leaders been so weak

4 September 2017

Party conferences are usually dominated by leaders. This year, both Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn will be constrained by their parties and the challenge of Brexit.

Euan McColm: Kezia Dugdale’s departure is bad news for Scottish Labour

30 August 2017

Alex Rowley and Neil Findlay are front of the queue to be next leader, but neither man is as impressive as Dugdale.

Alastair Campbell interview: My tribalism is being fairly severely challenged

31 March 2017

Tony Blair’s former communications supremo is as combative as ever as he battles to stop Brexit. And yet he is not ruling out being Theresa May’s first mental health tsar.

How the Hampstead Socialist lost out to the Islington Socialist

13 February 2017

Hampstead used to be home of the Labour intelligentsia, but Islington appears to have wrested the title from its north London neighbour.

Dan Jarvis interview: There’s nothing progressive about ignoring the concerns of voters

22 January 2017

After the intense media storm over his leadership challenge that never was, Dan Jarvis has kept a low profile in Westminster. But the former paratrooper is returning to the frontline of politics as he takes on the government over child poverty targets

Star Wars Emperor actor to play Enoch Powell

8 September 2017

Actor Ian McDiarmid doesn't shy from controversial roles - he's swapping the most evil man in the universe for the race row MP

Gina Miller to write memoir about ‘a life in which I have rarely backed down’

25 August 2017

The businesswoman who won a Brexit legal challenge against the government  hopes that her book will inspire others.

Alan Partridge prepares to push out his political views… again

4 August 2017

Throughout his broadcasting career, Partidge has struggled to hide his support for the Tories.