The weak are a long time in politics.

Neil Shand

On John Gummer

Category: Insulting Conservatives

Tags: Insulting Conservatives, Insults, Neil Shand

Blood sport is brought to its ultimate refinement in the gossip columns.

Sir Bernard Ingham 05/02/1986

Category: Gossip

Tags: Gossip, Politics, Sir Bernard Ingham

When I hear the name of Richard Body I hear the sound of flapping white coats.

John Major 1994

Category: Insulting Conservatives, Eurosceptic

Tags: Eurosceptic, Insulting Conservatives, Insults, John Major, Policy

It's being so cheerful as keeps him going.

Sir Bernard Ingham 1983

explaining to political journalists why Francis Pym had made a gloomy economic speech in the same week in 1981 that the Chancellor, Sir Geoffrey Howe reported signs of recovery.

Category: Conservative Politicians (quotes about)

Tags: Quotes About..., Sir Bernard Ingham

The junk food of political journalism...all reshuffle stories are crap.

Alastair Campbell 1998

Category: Reshuffles

Tags: Alastair Campbell, Government, Reshuffles

That well known semi-detached member of the Cabinet.

Sir Bernard Ingham 1986

explaining to political journalists how John Biffen, a member of the Cabinet, could have described the Prime Minister as being a liability to her party and should be replaced by a collective leadership.

Category: Conservative Politicians (quotes about)

Tags: Quotes About..., Sir Bernard Ingham

He only had one idea and that was wrong.

Benjamin Disraeli

On an unknown MP.

Category: Ideas

Tags: Benjamin Disraeli, Ideas, Ideologies

As a politician, you only meet two types of people. People with problems, and people who are right.

Gyles Brandreth

Category: Politicians (as a species)

Tags: Gyles Brandreth, Politicians (as a species), Politics

The reason that there are so few women politicians is that it takes too long to put make-up on two faces.

Maureen Murphy

Category: Women in Politics

Tags: Maureen Murphy, Politics, Women in Politics

Europe is my continent, not my country

John Redwood

Category: Europe & Britain

Tags: Europe & Britain, John Redwood, Policy

The EU will not stop wars: it wants an army to fight them.

John Redwood 2001

Category: Defence, War, Eurosceptic

Tags: Defence, Eurosceptic, John Redwood, Policy, War, World Politics

The EU project is to create a country called Europe.

John Redwood 2001

Category: EU Enlargement

Tags: EU Enlargement, John Redwood, Policy

There aren't many fathers around here...If someone is old enough to father a child, he should be old enough to help bring it up.

John Redwood 02/07/1993

Category: Family, Welfare

Tags: Family, John Redwood, Policy, Welfare

Conservatism must be based on allowing everyone to become an owner - equity for everyman.

John Redwood 1986

Category: Privatisation

Tags: Economics, John Redwood, Privatisation

There is no point in saving the currency if we lose the country that goes with it.

John Redwood 05/2003

Category: Euro (Single Currency), European Constitution

Tags: Euro (Single Currency), European Constitution, John Redwood, Policy

Balancing your budget is like protecting your virtue. You have to learn when to say no.

Ronald Reagan 01/1980

Category: Budgets, Public Spending

Tags: Budgets, Economics, Public Spending, Ronald Reagan

I have more government than I want, more government than I need, more government than I can afford.

John Redwood 06/2003

Category: What is Government

Tags: Government, John Redwood, What is Government

Competition is the most promising means to achieve and secure prosperity. It alone enables people in their role of consumer to gain from economic progress. It ensures that all advantages which result from higher productivity may eventually be enjoyed.

Ludwig Erhard

Category: Competition

Tags: Competition, Economics, Ludwig Erhard

Labour's constitutional blueprint is nothing less than a plan for the destruction of UK democracy.

John Redwood 1999

Category: Constitution

Tags: Constitution, Government, John Redwood

We cannot hope to achieve full employment and sustain it until we have mastered inflation.

Denis Healey 20/10/1976

Category: Inflation, Unemployment

Tags: Denis Healey, Economics, Inflation, Unemployment

Random Speech

The Queen is all right and Princess Diana is a goddess, but most of the rest are so awful it is quite a work to describe their vulgarity.

Alan Clark

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