"Too many dodgy deals were struck behind closed doors, with pay inflation fuelled by head-hunters on commission and by boomerang bosses going from council to council hiking their pay."

Grant Shapps 17/03/2011

Local Government Minister Grant Shapps responds to information released today that more than 2,000 council staff received more than £100,000 last year.

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“Britain no longer exists. It is a trace of what it used to be.”

Colonel Gaddafi 16/03/2011

Colonel Gaddafi speaking on Libyan state television this morning, following a failed attempt by the UK and France to gain international approval for a no-fly zone over the country.

Category: Quote of the Day

“You might notice the conflation of ‘orange’ and ‘pledge’ in our logo – perhaps Nick Clegg could take note of that.”

Mark Seddon 15/03/2011

Mark Seddon, director of the People's Pledge campaign for a referendum on UK membership of the EU, suggests the embattled Lim Dem leader might learn from the campaign's use of imagery.

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Tags: Mark Seddon, Nick Clegg

“What is needed is... an open and urgent supply of the necessary weapons to the insurgents so that they can fight Gaddafi.”

Sir Malcolm Rifkind 14/03/2011

Malcolm Rifkind, Conservative MP and former foreign secretary, arguing for a new phase in UK relations with Libya.

Category: Quote of the Day

“A prime minister could decide to ignore them.”

Sir Gus O'Donnell 10/03/2011

Cabinet secretary Sir Gus O’Donnell referring to the parliamentary conventions listed in his Cabinet Manual, whose first draft was published last February.

Category: Quote of the Day

"I know only one person here who has knifed a foreign secretary – and I'm looking at him".

David Cameron 09/03/2011

David Cameron responds to Labour leader Ed Miliband's suggestion that the prime minister is failing to support cabinet colleague William Hague.

Category: Quote of the Day

"On the question of taking credit for what goes right and blame for what goes wrong – having led the Conservative party for four years, I have never heard of this notion before."

William Hague 08/03/2011

William Hague responding to a suggestion from fellow Conservative MP Bernard Jenkin that he should take credit for his successes as foreign secretary.

Category: Quote of the Day

“Britain and America were more like a bull who goes into a china shop with a rather sweet notion of becoming a potter.”

Hugo Rifkind 04/03/2011

Hugo Rifkind, son of former Conservative cabinet minister Sir Malcom Rifkind, describing the coalition invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Category: Quote of the Day

"Belgium doesn’t even have a government"

Hilary Benn 03/03/2011

During Questions to the Leader of the House of Commons, this morning, Hilary Benn asked how Belgium was able to evacuate its citizens from Libya before Britain.

Category: Quote of the Day

“It's the latest trendy thinking by the Ministry of Justice... Restorative justice is a fad.”

Douglas Carswell 01/03/2011

Conservative MP Douglas Carswell on hearing news that justice secretary Ken Clarke is considering scrapping jail sentences and large fines for shoplifting.

Category: Quote of the Day

“The two men look vaguely similar; they both appear to believe in the efficacy of Grecian 2000; they both favour long and rambling speeches on socialist economic and political theory, with Col Gaddafi's efforts perhaps having a slight edge in logic and coherence [over Gordon Brown's].”

Boris Johnson 28/02/2011

Boris Johnson, London mayor, comparing the Libyan leader to former prime minister Gordon Brown. Grecian 2000 is a hair product designed to restore a youthful depth of colour to the scalp.

Category: Quote of the Day

"I've always been a bit ambitious, but I do think the Green Party is the real opposition."

Caroline Lucas 25/02/2011

The Greens' leader speaking at her party Spring conference in Cardiff.

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"My question right now would be to Colonel Gaddafi, which is: 'What on earth do you think you are doing? Stop it.'"

David Cameron 24/02/2011

David Cameron when asked on an internet forum in Oman what he would like to say to Libya.

Category: Quote of the Day

We know [John Prescott will] be great entertainment value, but we're not expecting him to top the leaderboard as a racer.

BBC source 22/02/2011

A BBC source commenting on John Prescott’s upcoming appearance on Top Gear, where the former deputy PM is set to participate in the weekly racing event ‘Star in A Reasonably Priced Car’.

Category: Quote of the Day

I don’t know why he keeps on at it. Perhaps it’s the influence of his Rasputin mini-me, Steve Hilton.

David Mellor 14/02/2011

David Mellor, former Conservative cabinet minister, referring to David Cameron's continued high-profile support for the Big Society project.

Category: Insulting Conservatives

I'm very impressed, as just one man looking from a distance, at the basic strategy [George Osborne] is adopting

Tim Geithner, US Treasury secretary 22/02/2011

The US Treasury Secretary on George Osborne's economic strategy since becoming Chancellor

Category: Quote of the Day

They are basically a good thing, they are in some ways as good a thing socially as other great things like the RSPCA or Royal Marsden [cancer charity].

Lord Feldman 16/02/2011

Conservative co-chair Lord Feldman describing political parties, during questioning on proposals to extend Gift Aid to political donations.

Category: What is a Political Party?

We do not believe in quotas. They would not only be undesirable, they would be illegal. There is legal protection for the autonomy of universities in running their own admission arrangements.

David Willetts 17/02/2011

Universities minister David Willetts in the Commons today, commenting on plans announced by Nick Clegg and Vince Cable last week to set quotas for the number of poor students to be admitted by universities.

Category: University

Look happy and smile at everything [Nick Clegg] says.

Audience member at Liberal Democrat speech 18/02/2011

Advice given to an audience member from a Liberal Democrat official at Nick Clegg's speech in Leeds earlier today.

A tip of the hat goes to Boulton & Co.'s Sky News blog for overhearing it.

Category: Liberal Democrats

We knew one day someone might remember them. We were hoping they would never appear, but they have. These things happen.

David Cameron 22/03/2010

Category: Women in Politics

Tags: David Cameron, Politics, Women in Politics

Random Speech

Law is, of course, in a sense, no more than a gigantic confidence trick. If enough people did not obey the law it would be totally unenforceable.

Lord Hailsham

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