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A priosner is not the sort of chap the average man would be keen on taking to his club.

Lord Longford

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Human nature being what it is, prisons are one of the most fundamental institutions on which society depends.

Julian Amery 09/02/1984

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The real truth is, the number of convicts is too overwhelming for the means of proper and effectual punishment. I despair of any remedy but that which I wish I could hope for - a great reduction in the amount of crime.

Robert Peel

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The opportunity to sleep nine hours a night and really relax has been extremely good for me. I ask you to disabuse yourself of any idea that prison is harmful.

John Stonehouse

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Visitor: Ah, Bottomley, sewing?

Bottomley: No, reaping.

Horatio Bottomley

As he was sewing mailbags in prison for fraud.

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Random Speech

He was never popular with the general public who saw what appeared to be a chain-smoking, dishevelled, languid aristocrat; by contrast, he was the object of universal respect and great affection from those who worked with him, above all his officials. Nick had those virtues which seem only to be cultivated in private: he was completely unaffected; he treated people and arguments on their merits; he was incapable of guile; and he was always seeking to take on the unrewarding and popular tasks.

Margaret Thatcher

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