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I've spent my life fighting the Germans and fighting the politicians. It is much easier to fight the Germans.

Field-Marshal Viscount Montgomery of Alamein

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I do not stare at a gentleman in distress.

Arthur Balfour 1919

On the German emissary at the Versailles Peace Conference

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Kenneth Clarke: Isn't it terrible about losing to the Germans at our national sport, Prime Minister?

Margaret Thatcher: I shouldn't worry too much - we've beaten them twice this century at theirs.

Margaret Thatcher 06/1990

Following England's loss to Germany in the 1990 World Cup Soccer Semi Final

Category: Germany, Football, Repartee

Tags: Countries, Football, Germany, Humour, Margaret Thatcher, Miscellaneous, Repartee

They are all a rotten lot. Schmidt and the Americans and we are the only people who would do any standing up and fighting if necessary.

Margaret Thatcher 07/1979

On fellow European leaders

Category: Europe & America, Germany

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It has been suggested by some people in this country that I and my Government will be a 'soft touch' in the Community. In case such a rumour may have reached your ears, Mr Chancellor, it is only fair to advise you frankly to dismiss it, as my colleagues did long ago! I intend to be very discriminating in judging what are British interests and I shall be resolute in defending them.

Margaret Thatcher 05/1979

At a dinner with Helmut Schmidt

Category: Germany, Europe & Britain

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If there is one instance in which a foreign policy I pursued met with unambiguous failure, it was my policy on German reunification.

Margaret Thatcher 1993

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All part of my vision of a wider Europe.

Margaret Thatcher 11/1990

On the fall of the Berlin Wall

Category: Germany, EU Enlargement

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If I were a German today, I would be proud, proud but also worried. I would be proud of the magnificent achievement of rebuilding my country, entrenching democracy and assuming the undoubtedly preponderant position in Europe. But a united Germany can't and won't subordinate its national interests in economic or in foreign policy to those of the Community indefinitely. Germany's new pre-eminence is a fact - and its power is a problem - as much for Germans as for the rest of Europe.

Margaret Thatcher 15/05/1992

Category: Germany

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The future will belong to the Germans... ...when we build the House of Europe. In the next two years, we will make the process of European integration irreversible. This is a really big battle but it is worth the fight.

Helmut Kohl 10/1996

Category: Germany, European Integration

Tags: Countries, European Integration, Germany, Helmut Kohl, Policy

I am not the German Tony Blair. Nor am I the German Bill Clinton. I am Gerhard Schroeder, chancellor of Germany, responsible for Germany. I don't want to be a copy of anyone.

Gerhard Schroeder

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Random Speech

One to mislead the public, another to mislead the Cabinet and the third to mislead itself.

H H Asquith

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