Redesigning lobbying

Redesigning lobbying

by Andrew Hawkins / 28 Nov 2011

Could the setting up of a statutory register of lobbyists prevent another Werrittygate? Andrew Hawkins investigates

The trouble with Labour’s sense of its own rich past

The trouble with Labour’s sense of its own rich past

by Dan Hodges / 24 Nov 2011

Dan Hodges gets to grips with the Labour Party's hang-ups about its past


23 Nov 2011

TP's readers have their say on the EU, elected police commissioners and volunteer work for parliamentarians

Are we prepared for elected commissioners?

Are we prepared for elected commissioners?

by Andrew Hawkins / 03 Nov 2011

Andrew Hawkins on the public view of the handling of civil disobedience law

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Labour has always been a party of capitalism

Labour has always been a party of capitalism

by Alasdair Thompson / 27 Oct 2011

Alasdair Thompson shines a bright-green spotlight on a labour of pure fiction

Should we renegotiate our link with the EU?

by George Eustice MP and Wayne David MP / 24 Oct 2011

George Eustice MP and Wayne David MP clash at the border between euro-championism and euroscepticism

Modernising Westminster

Modernising Westminster

by Thomas Docherty / 07 Oct 2011

Thomas Docherty MP presents ideas for generating revenue from parliamentary resources

Lose some, win some

Lose some, win some

by David Skelton / 03 Oct 2011

David Skelton examines the policy losses and polling gains of the Conservative Party since May 2010

The road ahead for Labour

The road ahead for Labour

by Nick Pearce / 25 Sep 2011

Ed Miliband is showing a firm hand on the wheel, but is it enough to lead his party to victory at the next general election? Nick Pearce examines Labour’s current position

Where now for the Lib Dems?

by Chris Nicholson / 20 Sep 2011

Chris Nicholson looks at the challenges facing the Liberal Democrats. What does the future hold for Team Clegg?

Why Conor Burns doesn't want an elected Lords

by Conor Burns / 05 Sep 2011

Conor Burns, parliamentary private secretary to Hugo Swire, explains why he disagrees with an elected House of Lords

Can Britain ever learn to love Europe?

Can Britain ever learn to love Europe?

by Andrew Hawkins / 27 Aug 2011

Never openly hostile, the UK public has long been uncertain about membership of the European Union. Andrew Hawkins asks if the entente with our closest neighbours will ever be truly cordiale

The Conservatives’ plan to win back the female vote

The Conservatives’ plan to win back the female vote

by George Pascoe-Watson / 24 Nov 2011

George Pascoe-Watson analyses David Cameron's chances of appealing to women voters

From the editor

by Ben Duckworth / 23 Nov 2011

Ben Duckworth introduces you to what's inside the December issue of Total Politics

A modern nativity

A modern nativity

by Jane Merrick / 22 Nov 2011

In her diary, the Independent on Sunday's political editor Jane Merrick wonders whether we might be about to see the start of 'Occupy Christmas'

The government has called it wrong on EMA

by Nic Dakin / 29 Oct 2011

Nic Dakin MP condemns the government’s thinking on the EMA

Travel shortens your life

Travel shortens your life

by Chris Ship / 25 Oct 2011

ITV News senior political correspondent on his frantic month of travelling to bring you the news

Get down off your (digital) high horse

by Anna Raccoon / 08 Oct 2011

Blogging should be about the exchange of ideas, not a soapbox, says Anna Raccoon

Should the death penalty be debated in Parliament?

Should the death penalty be debated in Parliament?

by Paul Nuttall and Naomi Long / 05 Oct 2011

Paul Nuttall MEP and Naomi Long MP argue the case for and against a discussion on capital punishment

Departures and arrivals

by Dermot Murnaghan / 26 Sep 2011

Host of Sky News' Sunday morning show Dermot Murnaghan recounts a busy month taking in Canada, Libya and the phone-hacking scandal

MPs behaving badly

by Andrew Hawkins / 21 Sep 2011

Thanks to the internet and modern media, the public knows more about the private lives of politicians than ever before. As Andrew Hawkins finds out with our exclusive polling, they demand high standards of elected representatives

Is this the greenest government ever?

by Greg Barker and Joan Walley / 08 Sep 2011

Energy and climate change minister Greg Barker and environmental audit select committee chair Joan Walley debate the coalition's green credentials

We must allow full coverage of Parliament

by Laurence Durnan / 28 Aug 2011

Rules banning the use of footage of Parliament for ‘entertainment’ and to 'protect its dignity' must be removed, says Laurence Durnan

An indefensible position

An indefensible position

by Dr John Louth / 24 Aug 2011

Dr John Louth reports on the government’s responsibility to match resources to required capabilities