Lib Dem MP sparks a revolution in Westminster… over Commons dress code

Written by David Singleton on 29 June 2017 in Diary

The Liberal Democrats have finally forced a change in the way that Parliament operates.

Despite their best efforts, the Liberal Democrats have struggled to get much traction with their calls for the House of Lords to become an elected second chamber.

They have also failed to get the House of Commons to introduce a system of proportional representation.

But the party has now finally succeeded in getting something changed in parliament – with the Speaker ruling that MPs no longer have to wear ties in the House of Commons.

John Bercow spoke out after Tory MP Peter Bone complained about Lib Dem MP Tom Brake’s failure to wear a tie in the Chamber.

Responding to the point of order, Bercow admitted his decision would "gravely disquiet" some veterans in the Commons.

But he said: "It seems to me that as long as a member arrives in the House in what might be thought to be business-like attire, the question of whether that member is wearing a tie is not absolutely front and centre stage.

"Am I minded not to call a member simply because that member is not wearing a tie? No. I think there has always been some discretion for the chair to decide what is seemly and proper.

"Do I think it's essential that a member wears a tie? No."

The Speaker is yet to give the green light for MPs to wear comedy hats in parliament...





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